EOS Green 3D G-212 Circle Lens Review from Crystal Eyes

Hey everybody! I am so pleased to have finally started making circle lens reviews again. How long has it been? Last year? Anyway, for those who wanted a excellent review on these lenses I been prancing around in here it is :3 As I said in the video, I have a total of THREE more lenses to review after this one lol I want to get them done as soon as possible so hopefully I can get started filming another one next week also sponsored to me by Crystal Eyes.

Also, please note that you may be able to see my hard contacts on top of my circle lenses but that is so that I was able to see with them since they don’t come in my prescription. I am a rare kind. I have a very high prescription so heh yeah just don’t go doing the same to yourself if you don’t have to please .__. Anyway now that that’s said, here’s the excellent stuff…

Optical info:
B.C.: 8.8mm
DIAMETER: 14.50mm

Buy these lenses here, for only $15:


Crystal Eyes on FB: http://www.facebook.com/crystal.eyes.14?fref=ts

Blog post: http://thelovelyify.blogspot.com/2012/10/sponsored-review-green-eos-3d-g-212.html?spref=fb

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  1. TheLovelyify says:

    Haha you caught …
    Haha you caught that, huh? lol ^ ^ Thank you!! Hard lenses are also known as gas preamble lenses. Not very many people wear them nowadays but my optometrist recommended these for me rather than the regular soft lenses because of how high my prescription is. I cannot see well without them. I have to either wear those or my thick glasses :/

  2. fantasyxyay says:

    lol REVIEW SONN! …
    lol REVIEW SONN! lol omg i like that and you look sooo adorable but i like the color on you nd your hair.. you know you just look cute lol but hard lenses? as in the ones that you place in your eyes at night and take off in the morning and you can see without them? i use regualr soft lenses but they sound cool.

  3. aznlove18 says:

    That’s it. I am …
    That’s it. I am getting some. I know I questioned you about them like a year ago xD haha

  4. CeeCeeLaru says:

    You look faaaaaaab …
    You look faaaaaaab lol I’m dying over everything right now

  5. TheLovelyify says:

    Thank you like! Ahh …
    Thank you like! Ahh yeah they look excellent on just about anyone and you can always throw on some nice eye make up to make it stand out a small less if you’d like. It makes a nice balance :) Glad you liked it and hope you find the right pair for you soon!

  6. TheLovelyify says:

    Haha thank you! I …
    Haha thank you! I was surprised these didn’t look super off but they work well for even dark skin tones too :)

  7. TheLovelyify says:

    Why thank you …
    Why thank you kindly!

  8. Edlena Faison says:

    Gorgeous contacts! …
    Gorgeous contacts! they look really excellent on you. I wanna try contacts myself but I’m always frightened to do it since I’ve never worn regular contacts before and I wear glasses. I’d probably look weird but I’d like to be able to try some one day. lovely video!! <3

  9. PopPenguinxP says:

    Ermeergerd those …
    Ermeergerd those lenses are really pretty on you and look super pretty with your skin color !

  10. Junji girlie says:

    You look so petty …
    You look so petty *___* like the lenses on you!~

  11. TheLovelyify says:

    Thank you Sukoa …
    Thank you Sukoa bebi girl :D Glad you likey~

  12. lovelyxmiyabi says:

    GUUUUURL you look …
    GUUUUURL you look so pretty and omg dat collar!!!

  13. TheLovelyify says:

    lol haha you should …
    lol haha you should! Best green lenses I have personally ever tried. Better than my green GEO Tri color lenses. They’re simply stunning!

  14. TheLovelyify says:


  15. TheLovelyify says:

    Thanks Shun ^^ …
    Thanks Shun ^^ Can’t wait to post more soon.

  16. Kharly Kiyomi says:

    Yes to the camera & …
    Yes to the camera && Yes to the lenses. I will def try these out.

  17. ShunTara7 says:

    It seems that with …
    It seems that with the difference of the camera, your videos have certainly gotten better! Loved the review! <3

  18. hott09vachck says:


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